hun / eng

by Sairvs at Jul 24 2007

We're planning to make an mp3 section, where you can download our - own - stuff. Although georgy doesent know anything about it... so maybe it reamains a dream. But we're still alive , and stuff so on.
I know that the freakin hot summer or being bored isnt an excuse for this, but i actualized the well-feared NERV logo. Whee, now we have got this too. Fear the main dogma!

New production, new member
by Sairvs at Jun 19 2007

We made a demo for the Scenecon party 2007, you can watch it in the Release section. Plus our most important info, our crew has a new member, MaNiAc, who gonna do the battlecoding stuff on Georgy's side.

Crew being interviewed
by Sairvs at Apr 17 2007, a hungarian demoscene portal (well, the only living one) made an interview with the crew. Here you can read it in our native language.

Finished the site
by Sairus at Jan 29 2007

Grrr, i think we finally finished the site, look around if you wish. There's gonna be some minimal gfx update, but i dont think anyone cares about it. So, there's the guestbook, if you would like to, then write something. If you do so you would make our little hearts happy. ,)